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Today, we are active in 3 regions of the world, namely West and Central Africa, North Africa and the Middle East and the Indian Ocean. With more than 80 staff in our offices in Paris, Dakar, Abidjan, Ouagadougou, Yaoundé, Cairo and Antananarivo, we are as close as possible to the realities of the field. Depending on needs and opportunities, we also carry out projects in other geographical areas.




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Strategic partnership for strengthening Civil Society in Egypt 

Egypt • Other projects

Assistance in the implementation of an access to finance programme for the entrepreneurs of the Jógjëf incubator (phase 2)

Senegal • Accès à l’emploi

Design of financial education training modules, tools and teaching materials

Ivory Coast • Accès au financement

Assistance in the implementation of an access to finance programme for the entrepreneurs of the Jógjëf incubator

Senegal • Accès à l’emploi

Support to the DRCQ of Cameroon: support to the planning and budgeting of the implementation of the mango file for the 2022 season

Cameroon • Accès au marché

Evaluation of the project “Improvement of the sanitary and phytosanitary quality of Penja pepper in Cameroon to facilitate access to international markets”

Cameroon • Accès au marché

Market assessment of the Asset-Based Lending (ABL) with a focus on Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Market in Lebanon

Lebanon • Accès au marché

Economic and digital empowerment of women and girls in Lebanon

Lebanon • Accès à l’emploi

Sustainable Accelerated Growth in Egypt (SAGE)

Egypt • Accès à l’emploi

Innovation that Scales Start-up Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Countries

Lebanon • Accès à l’emploi

Basmat Amal : Vocational training for vulnerable migrants

United Arab Emirates • Accès à l’emploi


Senegal • Accès à l’emploi

Feasibility study for the implementation of a community-based financing scheme for the reduction of financial barriers to access birth attendance

Madagascar • Accès au financement

Supporting the capacity building of small-scale vanilla farmers in the Sava region of Madagascar – Phase 2 

Madagascar • Accès au marché

Hafa Velontegna (Phase 2)

Madagascar • Accès au financement

MIARINA: Improving the comprehensive management of tuberculosis and HIV infection in prisons

Madagascar • Accès à l’emploi

Hafa Velontegna (Phase 1)

Madagascar • Accès au financement

Elaboration of a strategy and an action for the development of contract farming and supply chain financing

Madagascar • Accès au marché

Technical assistance to reinforce financial inclusion South of EU

Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon • Éducation et inclusion financières

Hope Center Lebanon – Establishment of a support and financing centre for income-generating activities

Lebanon • Entrepreneurship

Improving the livelihoods of people with disabilities

Côte d’Ivoire • Éducation et inclusion financières

Awareness campaign on savings for cocoa plantation owners

Ivory Coast • Éducation et inclusion financières

Professionalisation of micro-entrepreneur women

Cameroun • Entrepreneurship

Setting up financial education training for UNACOOPEC cooperatives

Ivory Coast • Entrepreneurship

Cross-sectoral development of women and youth

Burkina Faso • Entrepreneurship

Digitalization of the néré value chain

Burkina Faso • Inclusive value chainsInclusive value chains

Support to market access for small agricultural producers in the Far North region of Cameroon 

Cameroun • Accès au marché

Jappale Ma

Senegal • Entrepreneurship

Vanilla cooperatives

Madagascar • Inclusive value chainsInclusive value chains


Madagascar • Éducation et inclusion financières

Precarious neighborhoods

Madagascar • Other projects

Strengthening financial autonomy for rural populations

Madagascar • Entrepreneurship

Digital Houses

Ivory Coast • Éducation et inclusion financières

Digital Houses

Mali • Éducation et inclusion financières

Access to youth entrepreneurship

Senegal • Entrepreneurship

Beekeeping value chain

Burkina Faso • Inclusive value chainsInclusive value chains

Digital Houses

Cameroun • Éducation et inclusion financières

Daring to be an Entrepreneur

Senegal • Entrepreneurship


Senegal • Entrepreneurship

Breaking the intergenerational transfer of poverty in vanilla-producing communities

Madagascar • Éducation et inclusion financières

Positive Communities

Ivory Coast • Other projects


Burkina Faso, Senegal • Accès à l’emploi


Morocco, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Senegal • Accès à l’emploi

Fostering entrepreneurship and employment in youth 

Egypt • Entrepreneurship

Improving the living conditions of youth in Upper Egypt

Egypt • Éducation et inclusion financières

Training for the Syrian migrants and the welcoming community

Lebanon • Entrepreneurship

International development programme for micro-finance executives

South Africa • Entrepreneurship

Sustainable economic growth

Lesotho • Other projects

Winegrowing cooperatives

Armenia • Inclusive value chainsInclusive value chains

Agricultural cooperatives

Myanmar • Inclusive value chainsInclusive value chains

Improvement of the rose value chain

Turkey • Inclusive value chainsInclusive value chains

Energetic education

Chile • Other projects