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Agricultural cooperatives


Agricultural cooperatives


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Addressing poverty and economic vulnerability, especially among minority ethnic groups is crucial for healing the country’s fractures.

The country is also particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, which exacerbates poverty by reducing access to resources.


  • Contribute to reducing poverty and economic vulnerability in 30 villages with 24,000 inhabitants in Hlaingbwe, Karen State
  • Develop income generating activities, agricultural and non-agricultural
  • Create a sustainable and endogenous model for rural poverty reduction, replicable in other parts of Myanmar


  • The staff of the Community Development Association (CDA) partner
  • The local authorities


  • Training of CDA managers in entrepreneurship training, the creation of savings and credit cooperatives and project management with the support of local authorities of the Cooperatives Department, the Union of Cooperatives of the State of Karen and the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Capacity Building for CDA in Financial Education
  • Implementation of a value chain approach to develop new forms of sustainable agricultural and non-agricultural activity, and identify the most income-generating activities
  • Entrepreneurship training for members of the rural community of the 30 target villages

10 agricultural and non-agricultural and livestock activities developed and implemented by 150 people to increase their income by 20 %. Training of 2000 people in business creation and management.


Replicate the model to other areas affected by poverty in rural areas in post-conflict situations