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Improving the livelihoods of people with disabilities

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According to the 2014 general population and housing census, the number of people with disabilities in Côte d’Ivoire was estimated ot 441,173. However, this data seems unrealistic. Indeed, if we base ourselves on the WHO estimate (one in seven people has a disability), we can assume that there are more than three million disabled people in the country.

People with disabilities continue to be marginalised. This is mainly due to social discrimination and stigmatisation, inherent in the prejudice that people with disabilities are unable to work. Education, teaching, vocational training and employment opportunities are areas where exclusion has extremely serious consequences for people with disabilities.

While Ivory Coaste has an estimated unemployment rate of 6.7%, the unemployment rate of people with disabilities could be between 40 and 70% according to the Organisation for the Support of People with Disabilities, but no reliable data exists.


This project, carried out in partnership with CBM-Côte d’Ivoire, the NGO Notre Dame de la Charité (NDC), the NGO Femmes de Côte d’Ivoire Debout (Fecodeb), aims at improving the livelihoods of vulnerable people in general and people with disabilities in particular, by facilitating their professional inclusion in the formal and informal sector through reinforced and specific support.

This support is carried out on the basis of the needs identified among the beneficiaries at the start of the project and improved on the basis of the data collected directly from people with disabilities and their families throughout the action.