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Basmat Amal : Vocational training for vulnerable migrants

North Africa and Middle East

Basmat Amal : Vocational training for vulnerable migrants

United Arab Emirates

Accès à l’emploi

Project completed

Donors : UNHCR

Duration : From December 2021 to June 2022

Budget : 49,896 USD


Many refugees and migrants in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), especially women, have had to go through challenging circumstances for several years including moving between different countries and lack of financial means. As a result, they have had inadequate or no access to proper education, trainings and professional experience, which has limited their competencies and abilities to find employment. Without jobs or a second source of income, many refugees and migrants’ households risk financial distress and hardships and are being forced to cut some vital spending such as on children’s education.


The general objective of the project is to empower female migrants who come from countries suffering from crises residing in the UAE to have better access to employment through equipping them with vocational sewing and entrepreneurship skills to allow them to pursue productive activities and generate income. 


More specifically, the project is aimed at: 

  • Providing vocational and professional skills trainings in sewing and stitch-work;  
  • Building beneficiaries with entrepreneurship capacities and basic business skills; 
  • Providing training on soft skills, such as communication, time management, stress management, to enable beneficiaries to manage work-life balance and common challenges for working mothers;  
  • Providing access to financial literacy trainings to help beneficiaries better manage their finances, deal with financial stresses and prepare for emergencies; 
  • Supporting business development by creating links with potential outlets, buyers and selling platforms; 
  • Providing English language instruction to further enable them for life and work in the UAE. 


20 unemployed or in unstable or low paid jobs women originated from countries affected by war, instability and poverty are trained in order to develop their business skills and therefore get access to jobs.


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