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Beekeeping value chain

Afrique de l’Ouest et Centrale

Beekeeping value chain

Burkina Faso

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Donors : Austrian Development Agency, OLVEA


In Burkina Faso, the primary sector, consisting of agriculture and livestock, employs almost the entire rural population and a significant part of the urban population. But low agricultural yields, archaic methods and climatic hazards make this part of the population poor and fragile.

Beekeeping has become over the years, an important source of financial income for beekeepers in Burkina Faso. Founded in 2007, OLVEA Burkina Faso is a limited liability company. It has a strong sales potential for organic shea butter and beeswax. Wend Puiré is a Burkinabe organisation working for the development of a modern and recognised agriculture.


This project aims to establish a sustainable sourcing of beeswax for OLVEA, improving at the same time the living conditions of 320 beekeepers, shea, mango and cashew producers in the Hauts-Bassins and Cascades region. Wend Puiré’s objective is to promote beekeeping as a profitable economic activity for individuals but also for the Burkinabe economy.


320 producers will have access to modern beekeeping materials and equipment through the revolving fund