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Digitalization of the néré value chain

West and Central Africa

Digitalization of the néré value chain

Burkina Faso

Inclusive value chains

Project completed

Donors : UNCDF

Duration : 5 months (2021)

Budget : 49 000$


UNCDF plans to help strengthen the competitiveness of the real economy through the expansion of the use of digital innovations, including the digitisation of agricultural value chains and the provision of more reliable and timely information via digital means. To this end, the néré (a plant to be found in Sub-Saharan Africa, well-known for its nutrient value) sector has been identified as one of the value chains to be digitised due to its importance in the economy and for small-scale producers, especially women and girls in the non-timber forest products ecosystem.


Identify opportunities for the digitalisation of payment and/or non-financial flows at the level of actors in the néré value chain in the central, south-central, east-central, and northern regions. The study focuses on the prospects for increasing the income of stakeholders, the effectiveness and efficiency of the value chain and strengthening the resilience of producers.