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Chile has made considerable progress in recent years in improving its citizens’ quality of life with robust growth and a steady reduction in poverty. However, Chile still needs to make progress in housing, health and environmental quality. Electricity is expensive in Chile and during the winter the population heats itself little for economic reasons, which results in an upsurge in respiratory diseases and increased deterioration of the habitat. To remedy this situation and reduce the energy bill of households and micro-businesses, the government has set up various programmes to promote the solar sector and, since 2011, has been subsidising the thermal insulation of the most vulnerable households.


  • Raise awareness and educate the population on energy efficiency and solar energy in order to optimise their energy consumption.
  • Facilitate access to energy efficiency by developing green microfinance products.
  • The project focuses on the development of solar energy and energy efficiency through public and private partnerships.


  • Local population
  • Micro entrepreneurs
  • Traders