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Digital Houses

Ivory Coast

Inclusive finance

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Donors : Fondation Orange


The living conditions of certain populations, which were already precarious, have deteriorated considerably: the number of people in this situation has increased, with a rate of precariousness that rose from 38.4% in 2002 to 42.7% in 2014. Women are the most affected. According to the National Institute of Statistics, 67% of women in Ivory Coast live below the relative threshold of precariousness. Yet women play a crucial economic and social role in the informal sector and the family circle. Consequently, it is necessary to strengthen and enhance their professional and financial skills.

While women and girls currently have less access to the internet than men, access to new technologies would strengthen the digital inclusion of women, promote their access to information and education, optimise the management of their income-generating activities and finally improve their living conditions and those of their families.


Strengthen the economic and financial autonomy of vulnerable women entrepreneurs in five communes in the district of Abidjan, this is the ambition of the Digital Houses project created by the Orange Foundation in Ivory Coast

The Orange Foundation in Ivory Coast, which has been committed to improving the living conditions of Ivorian women since 2006, provides the digital equipment for the Digital Houses and, in collaboration with PPI, brings its expertise in communication and its strong knowledge of local partners and beneficiaries in order to arouse the interest of 750 women in technological tools for managing their activities and their visibility.


  • 5,000 women coached on financial education and the creation/management of Income Generating Activities
  • 1,500 women trained in financial education, creation/management of IGAs, and the use of new technologies (digital tablet).