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Donors : AFD, Fondation SUEZ, Ile de France


For several years, waste management in Antananarivo has been a real problem. In disadvantaged neighbourhoods, waste management is generally very precarious. Overall, 18.2% of households store their waste in pits while 42.5% dump it directly in the street or in swamps.

PPI wishes to improve the living conditions of the populations of vulnerable neighbourhoods in Antananarivo by structuring the solid waste value chain: sorting, recycling, processing, which should contribute to the improvement of sanitation in the target neighbourhoods and enable the pre-collectors to increase their income, while benefiting from adapted micro-health insurance solutions.  


Create six microenterprises in 3 target districts in Antananarivo in the solid waste recovery sector, improving the sanitary conditions and income of the target populations, and provide the micro-collectors with health coverage. A virtuous circle that benefits buyers of recyclable materials, health providers and the environment.


  • 1 000 waste pre-collectors and their families.
  • 6 microenterprises created for technical support, consulting, training and development.