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Donors : Pernod Ricard


After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the distribution of land in Armenia left hundreds of thousands of farmers unprepared and unable to generate sufficient income for their families. In the mountainous areas, the limited agricultural land, the unavailability of water resources and agricultural inputs, and the general lack of viable agronomic know-how hinders the economic and social development of peasants and their families. In this context,  Pernod Ricard, through its subsidiary Yerevan Brandy Company, is participating in the development of winegrowers in the Tavush region. The objective of the project led by PPI and Pernod Ricard is to improve the living conditions of Armenian winegrowers and to combat their exodus to Russia and other neighbouring countries. Pernod Ricard’s CSR department has commissioned PPI to carry out a project to upgrade the wine value chain in Armenia. The implementation of this project is part of a global overhaul of an agricultural system inherited from the Soviet era, and takes into account the social and cultural components, without which success cannot be guaranteed.


  • Economic development and improvement of the living conditions of wine growers in the Tavush region.
  • Combating desertification. The project focuses on the transfer of expertise, training, the provision of equipment and the teaching of agricultural techniques in order to sustainably lift winegrowers out of poverty.