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Despite its natural resources and strong tourism potential, Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world. Madagascar is the only country in the world where the standard of living has declined in 60 years (30% drop in GDP per capita in constant dollars). In a very fragile situation, the population has few sustainable prospects for development.

Paying for health care is a challenge for workers in the informal sector and for agricultural producers. The deteriorating health status affects their livelihoods.  This situation is aggravated by the rudimentary nature of health services, particularly in rural areas.


PPI works to create the conditions for this economic development. The NGO provides health coverage to enable vulnerable populations to overcome health shocks that can push them into a spiral of impoverishment.  

At the same time, PPI builds their capacity in financial education and rural and urban micro-entrepreneurships to support the diversification and increasing their economic resources. By promoting the grouping of economic agents, PPI also strengthens the market power of its beneficiaries. Finally, PPI is increasingly involved in facilitating the matching of financing sources with financing needs.

All these initiatives are accompanied by institutional support to the various Malagasy ministries as well as to the city of Antananarivo in its fields of expertise.


50,000 people benefit from ZINA health coverage