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Economic and digital empowerment of women and girls in Lebanon

North Africa and Middle East

Economic and digital empowerment of women and girls in Lebanon


Accès à l’emploi

Ongoing project

Donors : International Organisation of the Francophonie

Duration : From December 2022 to October 2023

Budget : 55 000 EUR


Lebanon is facing an unprecedented multidimensional crisis. While the country has been in a systemic crisis for a decade, the situation has worsened considerably since 2020. The explosion of the port of Beirut, the global Covid-19 pandemic, growing political instability and economic collapse have contributed to the rise of extreme poverty in the country. The World Bank estimates that one in five people have lost their jobs since October 2019 and 61% of companies have reduced their permanent staff by an average of 43%. According to the UN Women estimates, more than one in four women (26%) are now unemployed in Lebanon, while nearly 40,000 women have left the labour market, giving up economic activities altogether.

Women’s low economic participation is also explained by social and cultural restrictions and limited access to productive resources, especially finance, and training opportunities. In the digital sector in particular, which offers many economic opportunities, women’s participation is hampered by many barriers, such as unequal access to digital literacy, hardware and mobility (World Bank, 2022). Another barrier is often a lack of confidence in a predominantly male environment.


The general objective of the project is to increase the economic empowerment of women in the digital sector in Lebanon through a training and coaching pathway to employment or self-employment and to strengthen the digital inclusion of women and girls.

More specifically, the project aims to accompany 17 women through a 7-month intensive competency-based training program in full-stack web development and professional and management skills; to accompany them towards employment or self-employment, enabling them to generate a stable income; to improve the digital inclusion of women and girls and to sensitise men and women to the opportunities of the sector to strengthen gender equality.


  • 17 women attend a 7-month intensive coaching program in web development and management skills. 
  • 60 women attend quarterly 3-day technology workshops focused on technical learning outcomes and management of key technology or e-commerce platforms. 
  • 60 girls attend quarterly 2-hour introductory workshops focused on learning practical coding skills.