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Sustainable economic growth


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Donors : Union Européenne, Elecocité


The existing electricity networks will not supply rural areas for a long time. Sustainable alternatives must therefore be developed to meet the energy needs of the rural population. Only 4% of the energy used in Lesotho is renewable.  

The Rural Self-Aid Development Association (RSDA), an association established in 1991 in Lesotho, is PPI’s local partner for this project. RSDA works for the development of the country through the development of sustainable agriculture and the empowerment of women. Its action aims to strengthen and diversify agricultural activities to enable the population to have food security despite the decline in agricultural income and the emergence of climatic problems.


Our objective is to raise awareness and inform 10,000 community members about the negative impact of biomass or fossil fuels in their domestic use and the benefits of using solar lamps. In addition, we want to help develop the income of 40 independent distributors. Finally, we establish a sustainable distribution chain in rural Lesotho from the manufacturer to the final beneficiary.


  • 5,000 rural producers in 5 districts: Leribe, Berea, Maseru, Mafeteng, and Mohale’s Hoek.
  • 40 independent distributors – rural citizens trained to sell solar lamps and access additional income (at least 75% women).